How to invert highlights on realistic Eye Shader

Hello! I’m working on an eye shader and have a question. I want to invert where the lighting on the iris (The bumpy red ring) is, from top to bottom.
In this image, the lighting is at the top.

But I want it to be at the bottom. How do I do this with materials? I’m assuming it has something to do with the light path node.
Here’s my shader setup.

Also, the light at the top is from a sun lamp.

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We really can’t see or read your node tree as it is too small…
Help us to help you …display the actual node that makes up the area…or share the Blend File ( better option!)

As it is we can only guess that it might be as simple as a change in your mapping nodes to reversing a color ramp…or adding in an invert node or something that simple…

Sorry! Here it is:
I put it on Mediafire then forgot to add the link to the post. :confused:
The shader is inside a group called eyes.

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Since it is produced by an actual light…as well as the Atmosphere Node…You have to change the lighting to produce the reflection where you need it, but it will also affect the body of the object, and of note, once you get the reflection where you want it…the body will place the lower eyes in shadow so make sure to turn off cast shadow in the sun settings…notice the rotation of the sun in the N panel…

Also, change the Sun direction in the Atmosphere Node to something like this…

You might be able to tweak it further in the iris shader…as it tends to reflect mostly towards the nose…

I actually figured out how to do it with shadow catchers and a light.

Can you show how you did it for everyone that is interested?

Yeah, here:

The result: