How to join multiple textures with multiple objects?

This model is split into 3 parts. Legs , torso, head/hair.

The model has 3 textures, mynx_h for the hair only, mynx_shiny, which is for the glasses and everything else, and mynx which is the hands and chest.

My problem is, will it work if I export right away with mynx_shiny, that is found in 3 model pieces ( head/torso/legs), it looks fine in the viewport, but I don’t know if it will work, what about the head which has mynx_shiny and mynx_h? And so on.

Would I need to make mynx_shiny 3 times seperately for the head/torso/legs?

Please, just write below if it will work if I export it ‘as-is’ or what I would need to do just to put this model together as one.

Textures are not related to a mesh, but to a material. You can have multiple meshes using one or more materials, and if they share some materials then the textures associated with each material will be correctly rendered on each mesh according to its UV mapping.