How to keep a file from being packed?

I was making use of a 150 Mb HDR file for Environment Lighting. But I removed it before packing all other files into my .blend file. However, Blender is still telling me it cannot do it as it cannot find that HDR file… but I already deleted it!!!
Just to see what it would do, I used "“Menu File/External Data/Find missing files”, to point to the missing HDR file. Unfortunately it did pack it, now my .blend file is over 150 Mb :frowning: Even though the HDR file along with its node are no longer there!
To delete it, I went into the Node Editor / World, and removed its node. Then replaced it for a nodes set not using an HDR file.

Any ideas?



I think you also need to remove it in UV editor !

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In UV editor image dropdown, select file and Shift-click on X. Save blend file and File - Open - same file. Offender should have gone by now…

Thanks guys!
Unfortunately it didn’t do it :frowning:

I Shift-clicked on that X at the far right on the toolbar, but the file was still showing in the dropdown menu list. Furthermore, my file is still as big :frowning:

don’t forget to delete then save file and close it
then re open the file and check
all deleted image should not be there

but also need to remove the image from the nodes setup for world

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Right you are Ricky!
I had failed to close it. Now that I rechecked it, I see the file went down from above 200 Mbs to 75 Mb! :slight_smile:
Then I went and did the same removal for unneeded materials & textures, brought it down to 24 Mb now. It’s much better now. However I can’t help but wonder what could be making this file 24 Mbs? After all I just have this:

Oh, and I have no mods on the Donut, nor anywhere

Either way, I am so glad you guys shared this Removal tip, priceless! :slight_smile:

ok then Save as and set the compress on bottom left

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Thanks Ricky :slight_smile: