How to keep cloth from stretching infinitely?

Working on an animation of a balloon on a ribbon. However, the rising balloon stretches the cloth ribbon infinitely, instead of being stopped at ribbon’s length. Is there any cloth setting that makes the ribbon resist the balloon?

Hi @eezacque,

If you make the Ballon and the ribbon one object ( they must also be attached with at least 1 vertex ) you can assign the balloon a vertex group and use that to inflate with the Pressure setting, and leave the ribbon as a regular cloth. I had to mess with the damping settings and air-resistance to get this result - also INVERT gravity ( make it +9.8 rather than -9.8 though this is a global setting so will effect other sims - bake out the results to use with other stuff).

Here’s the Blend file too, so you can see the settings I used:
Balloon.blend (3.3 MB) .