how to keep dealerships honnest _and_ happy?

OK, I’ll be damned, I’m asking the internetz for advice. With a stick, a gasmask and whatever other precautions I can muster before prodding questioningly at the “wisdom” you may part with.

At the moment I work for a manufacturer, who wants dealerships to handle warranty and clients, to concentrate better on production and quality.

The problem we are facing is that currently we haven’t found a way to entice our dealers to do the warranty instead of us.

We’re looking for a nice(eep) way to keep dealers and clients happy, while the dealers repare and the clients pay for repairs. But so far my brilliant mind hasn’t come up with a nice way to do this without either angering a party, or “loosing” money.

Currently my thaughts go along the line of providing paying warranty programs to the clients. Or services to the dealerships (a nice webpage and referrals to those that behave according to our “the client first” policy). But these are conventional solutions, and I praise myself to find unconventional ones… so far I’m drawing a blank, any help is welcome :slight_smile:

How many time the warranty works in your business?

So the factory is trying to pass on the costs (labor, inventory, etc) to the dealer network for warranty claims and want them to be happy about it?

Two problems I see with this.

First, the factory isn’t directly responsible for repairs so has less incentive (up to a point) to decrease costs in this area due to manufacturing defects and second, if the dealer network wanted to be in the repair business they would probably already be in the repair business.

If you are serious about outsourcing the warranty repair business you probably should look for someone who actually wants to do it instead of just passing pawing it off to an unwilling business partner.

Unless of course the factory and dealer network is all part of the same company then just tell them to do it ‘or else’.