How to keep my boolean 'hole' movable?

Hey guys, simple question

I have a wall and i want to put a round hole in it. I was thinking about using a cilinder shape to use as a boolean and make the hole with that.

So I make the cilinder, select the wall and press difference. I now have a hole.

My question is…what if I want to change the position of the hole? Is there a way to keep the hole movable? Im not sure about the position yet…and Id like to move the hole around in a later stage…

And as a follow up… what if apply the boolean and want to close up the hole afterwards? Is there a quick way to do this?

I figured the first part out. You just dont apply the boolean :slight_smile:
But the second questions stands… how can you easily close a hole that you created with a boolean? It there a way for this?

Or is it better to always have a backup of your wall before you start punching holes in it?

Depends on the geometry, some times I’ll merge the hole points and remove them, other times I’ll rebuild the geometry. If I can, I’ll “steal” a copy from another part of a mesh if it lends itself to it. With a flat wall, I’d merge the points then “ctrl+x” to dissolve the remaining point.

Here’s a very brief video showing that.


And yes it is good practice to duplicate the object and move it to a different layer in case something happens during the modeling/cutting phase and can’t be undone. You will always have a backup to start over again without having to recreate or load the file back up. They call it a garbage layer, vfx compositors do this all the time as well.

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Save early, save often :slight_smile:

And every time you save use a different filename. You can also play with Blender’s auto-save options. You never know when something bad will happen to corrupt a file (even if that’s rare) so it’s always worth the extra insurance and peace of mind to make a backup save every time you’ve put substantial work into your scene.

did you try Fast carve addon ?

happy bl