How to keep the checkers on a board?

Dear Experts,

I’ve created a file with the piled checkers. Fоr some reason they fall through the board.
Second question: how to move them after falling one-by-one to other location?
checkers.blend (1.2 MB)
Thank you.

Check yr substeps in Rigid Body world. It increases accuracy.

make sure your paricles and board have scale and rotations applied.

you can keyframe rigid body passive/active to move them after the sim.

Thank you for quick response. How can I put a checker to a certain position? When I try to move a checker and click it goes back.

As an innocent bystander, let me say “Thank You !” for sharing this video.

I’ve only tried a few animations with physics, mostly because I’ve been too impatient to figure out which settings do what.

Again, Thank You!

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