How to keep viewport camera location and rotation after switch to different layout (workspaces)?

So… how to keep viewport camera orientation while you switch through different layouts?
Im normally was use just 1 layout, but now i need a few of them.
I cant find any settings related to the topic.

Each window you create has its own viewport coordinates, it is probably better to create a temp camera and enable the option below. You would need to set all the windows you want it to be shared to this particular camera.


Its a bit wierd to make it with real camera, but anyway its only keep rotation or the camera, position still doesnt saved.

Not sure about that because I just tested it and the view retains the rotation and the location of the temp camera across tabs. Do you have constraints or keys on the camera?

Location are changes. Try to zoom out more in any tab. After switching camera will “jump” to previous position.

Zoom out the camera or the viewport?

To clarify: by saying “viewport camera” i mean that “invisible” default camera which are using when you open a black default scene.

Viewport changes won’t be saved that is why I offered the camera view trick as a “workaround” I use Modo as well, it has the same issue which is that each tab has its own set of viewports. The tabs will remember only the changes within their own viewports.

There is an addon included with blender to save different viewport views.

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What I wish for is if nothing is selected and your mouse is over a 3d viewport you could press ctr+c to copy all viewport settings and then paste them to any other 3d viewport. Viewport camera position, cavity settings, hdri lookview settings etc.