How to keyframe an rotation on a local axis?

I have a cilinder, which is vertical in my scene. Slighty tilted.

If I press r, z, z…i can rotate the cilinder on its own axis. Which is what I want. But i dont know how to animate this. Because when I keyframe the z values in the rotation field (n menu)… it rotates on the global axis, not the local axis.

I see a dropdown menu with different ‘eulers’…is this the fix for this?

The transform value fields always show local axes, and that is what you are keyframing. You should know that shortcut behaviour has changed in 2.80 : you only need to hit Z once for rotating around the local axis, hitting it twice will switch to global axis (used to be the opposite).

The dropdown allows you to select between different rotation orders, see youtube for an explanation.

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