how to know parent object?

hi all,
i know there is a code like childrenRecursive gives back a list of all the childs of the object and the childs of the child but if i want to know the parent of a child which code i have to use?
for example i have a cube and a sphere and the sphere is the children of the cube
if i write:

import bge
sc = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
ob = sc.objects
cube = ob[“Cube”]
sphere = ob[“Sphere”]
child_list = cube.childrenRecursive

i will get a list of the childs of the cube but if i want to know the parent of the sphere?
i tried to find something on web but nothing…
thx for help

edit: hum maybe i posted in wrong place sorry

s_p = sphere.parent

i tried parentRecursive but not parent lol… the easiest way.

@giobbo, parentRecursive may look like,

def parentObs(ob_name):
    p_list = []
    ob =
    while ob.parent != None:
        ob = ob.parent
    return p_list