How to know where linked libraries are used in the blend file (blender 2.8.2)?

Working on a large project and wanting to remove a linked library from a blend file how can we see where the linked library is actually still in use, so I can unlink them?

In outliner, change default View Layer display mode to Blend File mode.

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Thanks, I looked there, and I see the linked library in there, but can’t see what parts of the scene actually use that linked library. I found some brushes in the file, which I don’t use, so I removed them and obviously that was from the library, so the library now isn’t in use anymore and I could remove it. But this was a pure guess.

I scrolled through the list of the Blender File view you advised to look in, but can’t find anything with a link symbol or other thing that indicates it was using an external linked library.

So how can we see in that view what is actually using a library?

elements in the red rectangle are linked from other files

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Thanks guys. @jerzygorskiart I now understand we can unlink and delete the linked items from there. Everyday something new to learn!