How To Learn Algebra For Python ?

I’m new to programming and i want to study python language and get into computer science field, when i do Google search to learn python i found you should have a decent knowledge of algebra to be ready to study python and unfortunately i don’t have any knowledge about algebra, i studied algebra at school, but now I no longer remember any thing , again i do Google search to learn algebra for beginners i found this site ( ) when you see math category , you find a lot of videos related to algebra , i was frustrated and confused because i didn’t find what i’m looking for , my question How To Learn Algebra For Python ? , i need any one tell me how to start and chose from this videos or any online source , books that give me the decent knowledge of algebra.

Hi. Not true. There are many ways to use Python that don’t require any knowledge of Algebra.

If you sign in to khanacademy, there is a whole roadmap that starts from the simplest problems and eventually ends up in algebra territory before it goes to more complicated areas. Start at the top, if you have difficulty understanding the questions then it’s time to watch some videos and practice.

Based on an incorrect assumption that you need algebra to learn python, i suggest starting to learn python without involving math. has a list of free python learning books (you might give : Learn python the hard way some of your time.)

You would have a very hard time learning python, or any programming language for that matter, if you can’t come to terms with part 1 of the definition above.

x = 4
y = 5 * x + 12
z = min(x,y)

This is about the extent of what you have to “learn”.


Why don’t you write a Blender related Python e-book and take my money? :smiley:

You’re so helpful and I like reading your code snippets. :yes:

I second that!

My math background is horrible, but I went through these free MIT courses and it was the best thing I ever did. Took me about six weeks to go through everything, but it got me going and was perfectly structured. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Khan Academy is great, as is for learning the basics of all kinds of math. To understand how math works alongside python, do the MIT course.

thank you all for help ,
i want to explain that I do not want to learn algebra of the Python language, I want to learn algebra so I can solve problems that i found in any language ,
@crazycourier my problem is close to yours my math background is very horrible and i can’t remember any thing i study in high school ( Not fundamentals, addition,multiplication,division and subtraction ) but something such as written by @batFINGER ,
so i will start with MIT videos and hope this will help me,

are there any suggestions and tips, i will be grateful

If you like math another subject to brush up on is analytic geometry at least when it comes to 3d software.

And I suggest learning to do basic commands via the terminal till you get a feel for the Python Language then learn to paste code in a text editor or IDE.

And you might want to take a look at Project Euler. It offers mathematical problems to be solved by computer scripts, it’s language-independent – just pick a language you like, such as Python. Once you have found the correct answer, the discussion gives you correct answers and approaches of others, made in a range of programming languages.


Thanks for the link. That sounds fun.

I’m not knocking KA but you should read other people’s scripts and mess around. Seriously! It worked for me. I updated one of my scripts recently to do things that required usage of quaternions and vectors. That’s linear algebra territory I never came close to in college. I figured out how to use it by digging around Blender’s scripts directory and stealing shamelessly from it. It was a fun way to learn. Highly recommended!:slight_smile:

It is fun! That is… until all the anwers that you think were right are wrong, which means you can’t see that problems’ solutions. At that point: don’t cheat, but keep tinkering on!

BTW, I second cotejrp1’s remark to consider other people’s scripts as playground, and to use/deconstruct them.


That is exactly the process I am using. It is standard to run thru a tutorial of linear commands as an exercise but eventually taking a specific class or object and reverse engineering is the way to figure out a larger plan of attack.

Coding is all about knowing where the finish line is and finding creative and artistic ways to getting their.

And yes I do believe code blocks are poetic forms of symbolic art.

I like open source programs like Blender cause you can really open it up once you know what you are dealing with.

Thank You All For Help Me…