How to Learn CG Theory like Lighting, Colour Composition and etc?


I would ask anyone, are you have or learn the CG Theory like lighting, colour composition, perspective, etc.? If yes, how do you learn them?

I have learnt Blender application for a while, but I think I lack the knowledge of the theory of art. So I have decided to invest in art books, especially that can applied to CG, I am interested in Interior Design.
I prefer more advanced and depth books rather than ‘practical’ or ‘how-to’ books.

Can someone suggest me what books or resources I should get that fit my criteria?

Thank You.

Ah yes, learning these things will really help your renders. Heck it even helps me in my 3D model design and color selection.

Here are some good links:

My favorite:
It is all good stuff! The website is geared for 2D artists, but almost all of the composition stuff can be applied to 3D renders.

General lighting, composition, colors etc…
(don’t forget to read all of the parts!)

This helps alot too

This is for gaming, but still useful

More lighting stuff for gaming

Composition stuff for EVERYTHING :open_mouth:

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the link! It really helps for me.