How to learn realistic modeling in cycles???

I teach high school. This year, I have about 100 students enrolled in my first level 3D modeling course and my sencond year 3D animation course. We can cover a lot of ground in two school years.

I’m looking for a good collection of resources on how to model in realism.

I get my students started using the series “Blender Basics” found here:

This get s students off the ground and running, but for higher level students, they strive for realism.

Can you help?


Erm… Cycles is a renderer and has per se nothing to do with modeling. Perhaps you mean realistic shading in Cycles?

What Senpai said.

You could try some tuts on BlenderCookie or BlenderGuru

At the end of the day it comes down to Lighting,Materials,Shading and Compositing .

Been to Blender Guru and Blender Cookie.

To clarify, I’m looking for a set of instructions to become an expert modeler, in course format.

Look again at Blender Cookie. They have a workshop on Mastering Modeling in Blender that is laid out in a 4 week course format.

Also, look at the courses section on Blender Cookie. They’re broken down into “step by step” chunks, usually not more than an hour in length.

I wish I had had teachers like you when I was younger. It’s good to see people who are enthusiastic about what they teach. At the same time, it’s high school and a first year modeling course. Do you think they would be able to process so much?

Let me go over my link collection then post them, I’m a year into learning blender and if nothing else it worked for me

Wow! Thanks so much! I will pass this on to so many students! I really appreciate it. Free is important for students. Blender Cookie charges a membership fee. It looks like a great source as well.

Anyone else? Keep it coming!

i would warn against body modeling in highschool. some parents might take offense to their children being shown nude reference material, because most parents are retarded and think nekkid is BAD!! art or not. at the very least i would run your course material by your administrators and perhaps save body modeling for an opt-in extra credit part of the course. The rest of josephs links are good though.

I try to spend more time out of then in tutorial land then in it when I can. The ones I linked I found useful because they explained functions quickly. Tutorials are useful, But for me I do my best learning personally when I sit down with a goal and try to pool what skills I do have to produce a finished product.
I was not thinking when I posted those body ref images though. And for that I do apologize. Although the X-ray hand in iodine one is too fun not to post and it goes nicely with hand modeling.

As to the “laid out in a course format”, most of those that are already laid out will most likely be in a paid course.

You might check out BornCG’s YouTube channel, though.

Art Students learn that the Body is the most beautiful creation on earth. No Shame. Thanks!