How to let Cycles render a project in parts instead of in one go?

Hi there,

I am working on my first blender project and felt, that I have to use cycles for most realistic results, as I always have multiple light sources in my scenes. I know, render time in cycles takes a lot more than in evee.

I made test render of a frame which I feel could be one of the most expensive frames to render as there are about 80 light sources in this scene. This frame took 75 seconds to render with my CPU.
Also tried with my GPU and different tile sizes, but GPU takes longer (have an old GPU, GTX 1060).

My project has about 12.000 frames. If I calculate render time overly careful and take 75 seconds for each of all frames (it won’t take that long for each frame, I am pretty sure) rendering will take ~10 days.

Well, I cannot wait for 10 days as I have to use my computer also for other stuff.

Is there any method to let the project beeing rendered in parts and join everything together afterwards?
Would be nice to let my PC render every night and at the day I can use it for other things.

Just start rendering frames as pictures in a directory and kill Blender when you need the computer.
There is a box somewhere in render settings that toggles if Blender will overwrite existing frames. If it is set to no-overwrite, once you start rendering the animation again, it will just skip the finished frames and start rendering the remaining ones.

Hey, thank you for your help. Sounds very promising :slight_smile: .
How to connect all the single frames to a movie afterwards?

You can use the VSE (Video Sequence Editor) in Blender or the Compositor in Blender or any external Video Editor or Compositor like After Effects, Nuke or Premiere.

The easiest is probably to use Blenders VSE:

You even can tell blender which frames to render after killing, or just halt/continue or change priority of the thread. (I’m on linux.)

Thanks a lot for your help. You saved my day :slight_smile: