How to lift this corner?


I have a plane (see attached image). I want to lift the upper right corner as if I have a piece of paper where one corner is kinked.
I want to rotate the upper triangle around the edge which is selected (the white one) to get this effect,
But I don’t know how to place the rotation axis so that I can rotate the triangle around the selected edge.
Of course I can pick the upper right vertex, and move it but then I distort the paper since I cannot move it to the exact right position. Is there any possibility to create a rotation axis exactly at the selected edge?

Can someone assist please?



Switch to ‘normal’ transformation orientation on the 3d view header, then you can rotate around the normal Z axis (R+Z+Z).

EDIT: If you want to keep on use it, you can save it as a new transformation orientation in the Properties panel.


You can.

  • Select the edge, ctrl+alt+space to make a custom transform orientation, shift+S -> cursor to selected
  • Set the pivot point to 3d cursor (period key), select the vertex and R,Z,Z to rotate it around the edge.

Hi sourvinos and JA12,

thanks that helped!

Ctrl+Alt+Space is my new best friend, that’s super awesome!