How to light this model

Can someone pls help me to light and render this model, i didnt find any good tutorial yet…

Three-point lighting has been a standard for photographers since soon after film cameras were invented, so I’d give it a try:

You also may want to add some materials to differentiate parts of the model (eyes, hair, clothing, etc.)

Complete the model, figure out how you want to present it, then come back when it looks decent under any HDRI lighting. Lighting; is it to present the model for sale or is it supposed to be a dramatic setting? Realistic or beautiful? I’m sorry, but “how to light this model” is just too vague a question.

The tutorial shown shows the main principle of 3 point lighting, it doesn’t go very deep at all. I’d look up tutorials on cinematography lighting once you know how to place lights. The Blender ones aren’t all that good - they may teach you Blender, but not lighting.

You should read Photography tutorials but Gleb Alexandrov has already put together the most important things for you. :wink:

addons: Tri-lightning(already installed), LeoMoon LightStudio(Pro mode), EV Express(paid)

p.s. blender guru also has one: