How to limit keys inside animation bounds?


is there a way to keep these heresies from happening ?



Hello, if you’re asking how to limit the frame range to your frame length, you can set the frame range by manually stating the start and end frame lengths in the Timeline Editor.

the question is how to keep the cursor in that range

found this but it’s only for playback

The blue cursor line is an indicator of the current frame - locking it would defeat the whole purpose of having such a indicator.

You can set the frame start or end length by current selecting however:

If want to quickly reset to a certain frame you can set the current frame with this value slot:

You could also use a simple Python script to set it to a certain value, then bind that script to a hotkey of your choosing.

there are zillions of software that do animations and restrict the cursor to the available range

sometimes the cursor is suddenly set @ 0 and it’s quiet a mess to push back the keys at the intended location

btw blender sets start @ 1 by default , so having the cursor at zero makes no sense


I just found a way in python with handlers