How to link an uploaded image without showing?

I would like to update an image uploaded on a thread of mine, and to let just a link to the former one, but without the image showing in the page, so to not clutter the post, would it be possible?
And possibly, how?

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Depending on the browser you’re using, it should be some variation of right-clicking on the image in question, looking for something along the lines of “copy image location” in the menu, and then pasting that URL in your post.

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in OS X Safari it is ‘Copy image address’ and it works as I asked.


I spoke too soon …
This method works as I want if I post the link to an image attached to another page, but if I attack the image on the same page I can not prevent it from being shown anyway, I only get a double attachment.


Can you post a link to where you’re trying this? Perhaps that can better help me see what’s going on.

Thank you Fweeb for your time!

Here I planned to attach an updated version of the image, but I would like to maintain a link to the former one, without cluttering the page with both; so I would like to link the old image without directly showing it, but permitting viewers to make comparison, and let them understand the previous comments by the users.

This is the page: Falbala & …

EDIT: also a small thumbnail would work.


This is a link to your image. You should be able to see how I’ve done it by using “Reply With Quote” on my post.

Which editor are you using for this site? Enhanced? Basic? Standard?

From what I can see, you used the same method that I tried after your first reply, and it works on another page, but if I do the same in the thread where I have attached the image (because it has to be attached somewhere) I get the link and the shown image, that’s what I would like to avoid.

I use enhanced editor.

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Hrm… Maybe it’s because I use the Standard editor and enter the bbcode by hand. I just added a link to that image with my own post in your thread and it seems to work properly for me (have a look… the test post is still there).

I have seen your post, if I disable the WYSIWYG view in the editor the link tag look the same, so I don’t think it changes with the editor.
What I think makes the difference is that you post a link to an image already appended in the first post, while I’m trying to attach that image without really show it. And I repeat, also a thumbnail would help.

Anyway, it’s not so important, and if I really want, I can upload the image in a separate site and post the link.

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Sorry to disturb but I’ll use a reply here to test it

Switched the previous attachment by changing the attachment-id to the new uploaded image in the post and then removed the previous attachment. First uploaded a red square and updated it to the green one.

So this works as editing the post normally but would be nice to switch one attachment to use previous id to get it updated in every post it’s attached

What disturb, thank you for looking at this.
Yeah, I think I understood the tip, it can be useful indeed, though what I’d like to do is to let also the old attachment in the post, but don’t show it as image, just the link or a thumbnail.