How to link and then modify .blend ?

Hello all,

I created a character in a .blend file, and with a python script I create a scene (in another blend file). Into this scene, I would like to link my character and to modify it (scale, color, …), but I encounter some issues :frowning:

This is the code I used to link the object:

obToModify = []
type = 'Object'

if type in Library.LinkableGroups():
	for obname in Library.Datablocks(type):
		Library.Load(obname, type, 0)


So here I am linking my object to the scene and all is right when I launch my script. At the same moment, I add my object in a list (obToModify) to retrieve it later.

scn =

myObject = Object.New('Mesh', 'object')[0])

And here I’ve a problem with the link method: the argument type is not supported !!

But I don’t know how to modify the script to make right it !?

Thanks !!