How to link in a character with all actions available for use?

I have a number of AutoRig Pro characters in blend files, each with mocap applied as a number of actions. I’d really like to be able to link these in to a working scene and then choose from the available actions on the character (e.g. different idle animations for each instance of a character). Appending would make the working scene extremely large due to all of the keyframes from the mocap and the geometry from the characters.

I’ve tried various approaches and I only ever seem to get the action in-effect in the linked scene, and none of the other actions are available for selection. Is there a way to make this work?

So I figured this out, but it seems all kinds of cumbersome. You have to link both the armature and the mesh, and then you have to go back and link all of the actions you want. Then you can apply the action to the armature.
If you link a collection instead, to bring in both the armature and the object, it seems that a local override is required on the content of the collection, in order to access the armature to apply the action. I’m not sure if this particular quirk is due to how the action was set up (it came from a mocap retargeted on to the armature).

It’s normal that an override is needed before you can make any changes to a linked library (be it a character or something else). Yes the recommended workflow is to link a collection containing all relevant objects : armature, meshes, any curves you may have used in the rig, etc.

I think my primary confusion was related to the actions being independent of the armature, to some extent. Only the action actually on the armature when the linked scene was saved comes in. It wasn’t at all clear how that functioned.