How to live motion

How to live motion like in 40 seconds video.

I have just learned rig and animation, can someone give me advice. Thanks very much :yum:

Hi, what see in the video on the 40 second is what animators call acting for animation, you act in front of the camera or the mirror and animate your character manually with key- frames to that. the other way is using motion capture software and hardware.

Thanks you, I met you again, so happy, what software did they use to act to animation. I am learning animation and I wonder if there is a way to cut footage in blender, edit with other software and import it into blender?

In this video they have used blender to animate the character.
You can bring footage into blender and you can import edit footage back or use blender for compositing. But it’s hard to know what you are trying to do without an example file or references.

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Thanks you, i understand. see you again :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Wait, wait,where i can find it. Do i have to connect to camera. Do you have any instructions about? it?

Here you go:
and this for learning to animate characters properly:

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hello, can you help me, I am in a funny situation

I have moved the rig, and when I Ctrl-z to undo, my rig display is lost, how to fix it.

Hi, it’s hard to know without seen the file. but what you have to do to avoid losing your work is Save As and press + every 15 or 30 minutes then you can go back to your file without losing too much time. there might be a auto save file somewhere on your hard drive.

It might be like the 4:55 minute in this video, I want to undo without losing my rig, But I’ll be more careful if I can, I just want to save my working time

It’s like undo an object, not the whole process

Nice… It’s a good object

sorry, i don’t understand what you mean by undo object?

I mean, undo the object you want to undo without affecting the process, like in my situation, I accidentally moved my rig and I ctrl-z to undo it, my rig did lost while I just wanted the rig to return to its original position

did you create a key frame animation when you moved the rig?

use this free transfer:
to link me to your file and i will be able to see the problem.

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sorry, I had to go to school, I finished the rig as I wanted, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore, thanks a lot for taking the time to help me, I will remember that. there

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You welcome. good luck.