How to load a background image in Makehuman ?

I have 2 png images in the path where makehuman load the background files:


then in make human i click the load background image and i get this error:

what im i doing wrong ?

I don’t have the program open in front of me, but there are some aspects of MakeHuman that are a bit counter-intuitive, this being one of them. If your background image is in the folder indicated on screen, then, type in the name of the file, including the .png extension and it should load. If it is is some other folder, then delete the entire string and type in the full address of the folder and the file. See if this works. Right now, it is giving you an error since no “actual” file is indicated to load, and it doesn’t open a “Browse” window like some other programs tend to do.

thnax, it does work now , but it shows up very dark ,like if the opacity was down .

any ideas what to do ?