How to load default brushes "Paint Mode"

Hey there, just a little question for something I haven’t found yet the answser.

I’ve a set of brushes I would like to use to paint my 3D models within Blender, using the painting tool.
How can I load all these brushes by default ? Instead of importing each one as texture each time I need them ?

I’ve found a little addon to import all brushes withing a directory, but this one is now outdated, is there any way to import them by creating as an example a texture folder inside the blender directory or something like that ?


To import a brush, it’s File -> Append
Select the blend that contains your new brush, and in the menu that will appear, click on “Brush”

In the list of brush (that contain the default ones too), select the new brushe(s) you want to import , then click on “Append from Library” button.

Once done , the brush will now be found in your Texture Paint mode.

Now in the case you want to have all your custom brushes in your Texture Paint mode everytime you launch Blender.

  • Start Blender with your default loadout
  • File -> Append and append all the custom brushes you need
  • Go to your Texture Paint mode and select your custom brushes , and for each of them click on the F button there :

To give them an user, one of the not obvious thing of Blender is that by default imported Brushes have 0 users , the F is not enabled , and so next time you’ll launch Blender even if saving , the brush will have disappeared.

  • now in case the texture for that brush wasn’t already packed, it’s time to pack the textures to not lose them even if you move the textures used by the brushes elsewhere
    Click on File -> External Data -> Pack All into Blend

And finally, go back to Object mode or whatever default Mode you have when you launch Blender and click on File -> Save Startup Blend so you custom brushes and their textures will start already included every time you’ll launch Blender
Don’t do this of course if you do not want them present everytime in your Blender.