How to lock armature in place for run animation?

Not sure if I asked the question right. But basicly I want to somehow … lock him into place so that when I make my animation he never moves from that location. I hate having to go back to every single frame and make sure hes in the same spot. I know there is a way to do this, just not sure how to.

As long as you don’t move your root you should be fine. The only way for your character to move out of 0,0,0 is for you to move the root.

start posing the animation from the point where the model is at the end of one stride and just about to take another, then move your time line to the end frame of the walk where the model would be in exactly the same position. with your mouse pointer in the viewport window press ctrl c to copy the pose, then in the middle frame of the cycle press shift-ctrl v to paste the pose flipped on its axis. now when you animate your model will “slide-walk” in position and you can now go into the middle of each step and add the interim poses tto make him walk, copying the x-flipped pose for the opposite step at each stage. and you will end up with something like this.

Thanks guys