How to loop a strip in the VSE?

In the Video Sequence Editor how can we loop a video (or audio) strip?
I see Start Frame and Length sliders, but when I extend the Length instead of looping back to the first frame of that strip it goes to a frame that isn’t even part of that strip’s range of frames.

Looping a video strip seems like a simple thing, but I’m not seeing how to do it.
For now I am going to make a bunch of duplicates of the strip as a workaround, but I still would like to know if it can be done.

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Unfortunately there’s no built in function for repeating clips but duplication works well (Shfit+D).

Thanks for the reply. I figured. What’s interesting though is that it does behave this way for a single image, so one would expect it to loop an image sequence in the same way.

For example,
single image [behaves as expected]

Image sequence [as one would expect]

Image sequence [as it actually behaves]

Can you give an example because it works as expected

I think he’s saying that if you grab the right end of a movie strip and drag it to the right, you’d expect it to start repeating the movie clip. Instead it just repeats the last frame of the clip.

Steve S