How to loop and ring entire selection at once?

In 3dsmax you can loop and ring an entire selection by pressing two buttons.

Is there also a way to do this in Blender, because right now I have to hold SHIFT + ALT + LMB and click on EVERY edge in order to loop and ring. This takes a lot of time compared to max, there must be another way?

Select -> Select Loops -> Edge Loops (Edge Rings). Assign hotkeys to those.

Sorry, in the keymap shortcut lists there’s no “Select loops” or “edge loops”.
do I have to enable them somehwer else?

I don’t understand the question. Just right-click the menu entries and Assign Shortcut.

Sorry i’m new to blender, where is this “menu entries” located on the UI. When I rightclick I don’t see these options and there’s nothing in the “keymap” menu where you can create new hotkeys.

The menu entries that I mentioned before:


You can right-click “Edge Loops” and/or “Edge Rings”, and Assign Shortcut. For example, as can be seen in the screenshot, I have mine assigned to Alt+2 and Ctrl+Alt+2 respectively.

I totally missed that, thanks!
This will save me a ton of time XD

Also alt shift (loop) and ctrl alt shift (ring)

edit: with a left click in the direction you want to go.

that is only going to ring/loop when you are going to click, but thanks for giving the info :wink:

Sorry, guess I didn’t read the thread, added ctrl alt shift click though.

The ones discussed here are useful for bulk selection. It’s way easier to box-select a few edges and then convert to loops, or to loop-select a few and then convert to rings, than going one by one while mangling your left hand into a Witcher sign.

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@Stan_Pancakes I think I understand, but I have never used that functionality.

Just recently there was a thread about selection where these tools shine:

Also, they come in very handy in reusing/rebuilding geometry (getting rid of extra loops quickly): box-select or shortest-path-pick a small sample, loop (or ring) it, dissolve, done. Selecting every loop one by one is just murder :slight_smile:

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Thanks things like this help with knowing how to model in blender.

I am slowly getting the hang of how to model fast in blender (didn’t even know about this handy select menu).

Not sure if it’s a setting i’ve got enabled but i just double click an edge to select the whole loop or ctrl+double click for the rings.

That’s a semi-hack in the Industry Compatible keymap, in lieu of the alt+click and ctr+alt+click from the default keymap. And again, it won’t turn an existing ring selection into loops and vice-versa :slight_smile:

that is the default setting yes, but if you want to do numerous loops/ring it menas you have to keep on clicking until you’re done :wink:

With the solutions suggested above you don’t have to do that :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Appreciate the info.

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