How to lower poly count

I would like to lower poly count of my model by 2 or 3 times? Currently all polys are quads. What is the tool for that?
I allready tried Blender with remesh modifier but that is good only in some cases.

The best way is by deleting edge loops. Jour can select them by pressing alt when jour selecting. if jour than press x choose and select edgeloop.

I believe, there is a one click tool to evenly reduce polys. It would be helpful if someone guides me to other 3D package if it’s available there.

Blender do not have a polygon reducer that will keep your quads, in the end it will be triangle but it has tools to reduce your polycount in only a few clicks.

If your model has an UV map you want to keep, Blender 2.49b has a nice poly reducer function that will be able to roughly keep it.
It is not yet available in Blender 2.57b

If your model does not have an UV or if you’re willing to lose it, both Blender 2.49b and 2.57b feature a Decimate modifier that will allow you to reduce your model and do a relatively good job at it in some cases.

In both case, the resulting model will be in triangles.

You can use decimate, as Robsoie suggested, and then manually reconstruct the quads.

Apart from the other suggestions, if you need more control about your polygon count and flow, you could retopologise. Create an empty mesh (o delete the vertices in a plane), enable Snap during transform->Faces and draw a vertex with Ctrl+Left click. The vertex will be over your high poly mesh. You just need to bridge edges with F.