How to maintain model proportions when rigging?

Still new to this so bear with me,
I am trying to pose my mesh model into a seated position, however when I adjust the limbs, the proportions change drastically. For instance the arms stretch extremely far, and the thighs skew.

I understand there is a ‘Deform’ option under each specific bone, however when I uncheck the option the bones no longer control the associated weights of the model. I’m lost.

Found the answer I needed, here.

Spoke too soon, it partially fixed, still not sure where to go from here.

More than likely you’ll need to post up the .blend file so someone can take a look.

You might want to check that the rig and the mesh objects both share the same origin, and that both object’s scale & rotation match. This can be found in the transform panel, right side of the 3d view.


OK I did find that their origins do not match, same for scale and rotation. So that seemed to partially fix it. Still some issues that I think are weight related, take a look.

Here is where im currently at, pretty lost with the thighs, I think I might remove the hip bones next but idk.
I updated the file, if a kind soul would like to take a crack at it.

Alright the hip bones was the exact issue. Thanks!