How to maintain uv layouts between exporting and importing

I made my model of an avatar and unwrapped it and the texture is finished but im making it for second life and i found a problem im not sure the best way to take care of. To rig the mesh for second life i have a file of the skeleton that someone else provides so that the corresponding bones match with second life when you rig it. the file is a blend file so i exported the model as a .lwo to import it to the file with the pre-made skeleton but when i do i dont have the uv lay out that i unwrapped already for the texture. So my question is what would be the easiest way to combine the two blend files of the skeleton for rigging and the model i made in a separate blend file and include the texture uv layout with out re-unwrapping the imported model once its in the skeleton rig file? what settings or export should i use to export my model and maintain uv lay out for the mesh?

No one can tell me how to maintain uv layouts on my model between blender files?

Shift+F1 to append objects/materials/rigs etc from one blend into another