How to make 2.8 - 2.79alike

Just making my first steps in 2.8 and I wonder if there
are any presets for the “User Preferences” to make 2.8 more 2.79alike again in terms of UI-layout and handling, of course without missing or breaking anything.

By now I managed to make it rightklick select again, as well as some minor changes for the keys.
But it seems to be a lot that has changed…

Greetings Martin

Except the old hot keys there is nothing you can do,just learn the new way :wink:

You can open a .blend file made with 2.79 to retrieve 2.79 screen layouts.

And end up with half of UI missing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes, looks like I have to do a lot of “researching” old stuff along with learning the new stuff. :wink:

For simplicity sake, open both versions, one next to other.
Set, save, export, transfer User Preferences: Input (as Preset) Theme (as Preset), Key Configuration, startup.blend (residing in “config” folder; can also copy/paste others too // recent-files, bookmarks, userpref…)