How to make 2 rotations not overwrite each other?

I’m trying to make smoothed rotation between 4 keyframes, I wanted 2 keyframes to act for one axis and other 2 for other axis. I must note that these keyframes are at different timings. So the best I could do is pose 2 keyframes, and then between them pose another 2 keyframes that inherent first rotation from interpolation, but original 2 keyframes cannot receive rotation from these other 2 keyframes, which leaves me with only choice to manually eyeball another rotation to first 2.

I seriously have got no idea how to explain it better…

A file and some screenshots would help a lot here, I’m not really getting what you’re describing

You can delete per-channel keyframed rotation in the graph editor. So delete for one channel at two frames, the other channel at the other two frames.

Don’t try to do it with quaternion or axis angle rotations though.

First 3 keyframes that make sway from left to right

new 2 keyframes that make rotation on different axis

new keyframes have rotation from first keyframes through interpolation

but on next older keyframe it doesn’t have that new rotation from previous new keyframe because of obvious reasons, so I wonder how to make older keyframes to receive rotation from interpolation of newer keyframes.