How to make 3d analgraph movies

how can i make an 3d analgraph movie
it’s only supported in the gameengine
is it supported for rendering or does there exist an program for converting it to an analgraph movie
i’ve got red/cyan glasses!

Search the forum…I’ve deffinatly seen some stuff on this before.

rgsterio plugin from here:


you mean anaglyph?

analgraph seems more like a joke with weird words… :wink:

Yeah, it conjures up disturbing mental images…

I didn’t know anaglyphic stuff was supported in the game engine - how would one go about it?

at the render buttons you see at the right above your screen settings for rendering a menu called ‘Game framing settings’ or something like it

press that and you can see another frame of functions
press anaglyph and go play with the game engine(offcourse with 3d glasses)

WTF is an analgraph and the sound of that gets me some sick images in my mind can someone please tell me what it really means?

You know those pictures where you wear glasses with one red and one green lens and it appears to be 3D? Like that. Depending on the distance from the camera, the red and green lines are different distances apart.

oh cool man i used to see books like that and it comes with it’s own glasses and you look at the pics and they seem to come alive. man that was back at the six grade ten years ago.

you can use the glasses in the game engine :wink:
but i don’t know or it’s possible to do it with blender
chromatek plugin gives strange results

Depending on what movie you’re watching you can call it analgraph :smiley:

you can now do it with the node editor!!!

blender rocks!

didn’t know that was possible and didn’t know that that editor exists

it’s just in cvs right now

check out that thread!