How to make a 2d game in blender???

So i was thingking that it would be a nice idea that my first game is a simple 2D strategy game so i was wondering, its hard to do it?, is imposible? is 2 much work?. also it is better to doit whit logic bricks or python well for now that would be all


import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
obj.worldLinearVelocity.y =0

ok thx for the help man

hi BlueprintRandom

what about making AI for 2D game? do we need to make this code for them? and how is the steering then?

So for most 2d games is ,

walk x units, turn around, walk x units… etc
(you can add in stuff like press button and open door, look around with flash light etc)

actual pathfinding might be neat for things like drones,
and using a plane in the background as a navmesh.

another neat soulution, walk in player direction casting rays down ahead,

if you reach a edge, and the player is across it, cast rays down from a arc , if you hit map jump there, if not turn around and walk away looking for something higher to jump up to.

also, I suppose you could even have nav paths that are arcs etc,
and have code in the actor to play jump animation, and change its motion style etc while crossing a ‘jump’ and same for ladders etc,
’ To fake it ’

Or just use the axis restriction options in the physics panel.

I have had that fail in previous versions, but maybe it works good now?

(I guess now that I think of it I used the 6dof constraint…?)

Blargo-tron I used both to ‘lock’ it but if the properties panel works have at it!

interesting, i do not have a lottt of knowledge about logic bricks and i have the basic knowledge of pythong but interesting i would like 2 know more