How to make a 2D game.

I am here on the forum to ask how to make your game that you made into a 2D game. Please explain the steps or do anything to help me. Please respond.

Well, that differs from what kind of 2D you want to achieve. If you want just a 3D game, which behaves like an 2D game (like Trine) you dont need any extra plugins.
If you want a 2.5D game, like Age of Empires for example, you need an orthographic camera. If you want to work with real 2D sprites you should check Solar Lunes Website:

Try to look at website. There are some tutorial you can make 2d game in blender. Hope this will help;)…happy blending…

As the others have mentioned, I have a tutorial series on implementing 2D sprites into a game on my site and my YouTube channel. You can check it out here. Once you’ve got animations, making a game 2D or 3D just involves changing the camera to orthographic or perspective.