how to make a 720° (or more) closed path turnaround?


i know how to parent a camera to a circle-path and make it track a central target. i get the two constraints. by making the path length = animation frames i have ONE full turn around my scene, no problem. i find no way to make a second “tour” of the path. am i supposed to double the path? should i do it an ‘action’ (how?) and then double it?

i found way but i’m not completely satisfied. will i ever be?

it is possible:

  • place an empty at the center of the curve path, INSTEAD of the curve path.
  • parent the camera to the empty
  • animate an empty rotation with ipokeys for every turnaround you wish, the camera will follow it.

what if i want an “ellipse” turnaround (not a circular one) or a n “irregular but close” path to be repeated twice or more?

You can use Path Speed IPOs to override pathlen etc. This gives you much finer control over the movement. See this example for a camera that will complete a circle once every 50 frames. The speed IPO has two points (0, 0) and (50, 1.0) and is set to linear interpolation and cyclic extrapolation.

With an IPO, you can make it change speeds, change directions, or even jump to different locations on the path.

Hi! i tried that at first, but evidently i do not understand well the ipo of the path :slight_smile: it stiill stopped at the pathlen

i will try again Thanx!!

make the animation reange from 1 to 50 then you will understand. Select the Path in 3D View and in other button window open the IPO window and Path Pannel

yes! i succeded. :smiley:

i never understood what “cyclic” extrapolation was useful for…