How to make a background image not show up in render?

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I’m using background images to enhance ray traced reflections. The thing is, I don’t always want the image to show up in the background. Is there any way to use a background image (have it affect ray mirror) without it showing up in the render (i.e. use just a solid background colour)?

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do you mean that you added a plane with a pic UV or map?

cause background are not showing in render anyway !

do you use this a reflection map or mirror map ?

on thing you can select an object and H key to remove it from the render pass!
then Alt-H to bring it back or go to outliner and press the pic to bring it back in render

happy 2.5

This is a useful tutorial
If you don’t want any background you could try deselcting Sky from the render layer so it doesn’t render any background when you have a texture for the sky.

you could try deselcting Sky from the render layer

Richard Marklew: This is the button I was looking for :smiley: Many thanks!