How to make a blender tutorial

Not sure if this is the wrong area - but I am looking to make a short blender based tutorial for some of the tricks I learnt. Simplified like on the basis of self-taught person to self taught people.

But I am not entirely sure as to how to go about doing it?

What other programs do you use to record your blender information???

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I use macos and quicktime allow me to record screen and add microphone . I do things in one go. I use iMovie for edits. Youtube for uploads.

I have also used Windows movie maker, not bad. I prefer iMovie of course, but not bad.

Very simple really.

I am not a fan of pure video tutorials. I prefer text, images and short videos.

me too, but videos are way faster and easier to make. Writing is 2-3 times slower. If you add images too to you documentation make it 5 times slower at least. No wonder why video tutorials greatly outnumber written tutorials. To able to document in 1 hour what otherwise would take you 5 hours is a huge deal.

Written tutorials of course are much easier to edit, but the answer to that for video tutorials, is as you said it, short videos. Braking down your tutorials to 6 minutes segments make it easier to edit and improve later on. Though I dont mind redoing an hour - 30 minutes tutorial if it is that important.

Also video tutorials can capture down to small details, like technique and tiny workflow characteristics.

Cam Studio seems to be pretty commonly used.

A few tips…
1)Use audio. If you don’t have a microphone, buy a cheap one. Tutorials without audio are a pain to follow and I usually skip over them.
2)Create an outline of what you want to say and print it out. This will help keep you from having to backtrack and go over things that you should have covered ten minutes ago.
3)Put all the files you’ll need into a single folder. How many times have you seen someone waste five minutes looking for a file because they forgot where it was located?
4)Make sure you know where all the tools you’ll need are located in Blender, and be sure to know how they work. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people who didn’t even know how to use the tool they were making the tutorial about.
5)Do a run-through before recording. This will help prevent you from making mistakes 1 through 4.

ETA: Some of the best tutorials I’ve seen are by Jonathan Williamson. Watch a few of his to see what makes a good tutorial.
Jonathan’s tutorials

Steve S

This comunity is always looking forward to learning from other blender users.
A couple of thought on tutorials:
Rule number 1: Less is more!
Please consider edititng the video after you shoot it. Be as succinct as you possibly can. Edit out mistakes, undos, hesitations and random thoughts.
Keep the explanations simple, focused, precise, light and humorous. But overall keep it short. Please spare us from things that shouldn’t be on the videos.
Speak clearly and loud so people who speak other languages might understand too.
Think about a written summary (like Andrew Price’s) to accompany your tutorial, with the key points and screen grabs.