How to make a building collapse

Hey, Im kinda new to blender.I searched Youtube and Google for a proper Rigid Body Physics tutorial but didnt found any. Could anyone explain or give me a link to a tutorial that explains how to build the building and the settings it has?

Thanks in advance,

Advice - To get the best answer it’s always best to have a more specific question. What kind of building? house, skyscraper, wooden hut, show a picture, a blend, anything, how do you want it to collapse, do you want something to crash into it, do you want it to explode. Just to give a general question you’re going to get a very general answer which may not be appropriate to what you are trying to achieve. Help the readers understand the answer you really want.


Yeah, sorry. Something like this

This might point you in the right direction:

Hey, thanks for the help. Found out the basics from a super3boy tutorial.Thanks once again for the help :smiley: