How to make a bullet

I’m trying to make an extremely simply FPS as my first “game” and I’ve tried everything I can, but I simply can’t get a bullet to fire.
I’ve tried making actual projectiles, with the “Add Object” actuator, and I’ve done something a Ray sensor that I really thought would work, but it didn’t. Can someone explain how to do this?
Thanks in advance. :wink:

Could you please explain what your problem actually is in depth (instead of “it doesn’t work”). It’d be a lot easier for us to help you. But a quick suggestion from the info you provided. Make sure that your empty that the ray sensor comes from and where the objects are added from is pointing the correct way. For example, objects are added along the positive y axis, and I think it’s the same for the ray sensor, but I’m not sure.

Um… well, the problem is, I don’t really know what isn’t working, so I can’t really give you any other information other than there doesn’t seem to be any ‘bullet’ firing.

Never mind, got it working… sorry…

It would be nice if you would post the way you solved your problem. This might be useful to other people as well.

Oh, okay then. It was a kind of stupid mistake - I accidentally had the Ray sensor on the the actual gun, not the Empty. :o