How to make a camera follow a ball from behind?


Im having some problems making the camera turn with the ball. in the YouTube link you can see the camera is following the ball but only show it from the same angle. I would like the camera to turn with the ball, so the backside of the ball is seen and it’s possible for the player to see the road ahead.

I use Anguler Velocity and rigidbody as a way to move the ball.

This is another reference URL.

im not at my computer right now to test this but i think that there’s a way to parent the ball to the camera but have the camera’s parent settings modded to where it would follow its location but NOT it’s rotation so that wherever the ball goes from a location standpoint…it would follow. but if the ball were to rotate the camera would ignore it! i have a golf test simulation based on this and it works well from the last time that i used it…i may go back to it to get a better explanation for you!

that is a vertex parenting

here is a pure logic brick 3rd Person setup blend.

maybe that is closer to what you are looking for.

WASD for movement

right mouse button to turn around player.

Thanks I will try out those suggestions.

But I will use Unity for the game logic part.

I will try these solutions.