How to make a cape (and animate it?)

Hi, does anyone has a well explained tutorial for cloth modifier for a cape? I was trying to figure out how to constrain (add weights to certain) vertices but I cannot find where it could be! I was look at this tutorial and I am stuck on step that “Create vertex group”

Any ideas how to do this? Or how to do it easier? :confused:

Are you using Blender 2.49b ?
If not, that may be the problem as the tutorial is for Blender 2.4x , meaning that if you’re using Blender 2.61 (latest version) while the functions are roughly the same, the buttons and panel are in different places, making this tutorial difficult to follow.

I’ll try to help for the vertex group with 2.6x
So in Edit mode you select the vertices of the cape you want to be pinned

Then in the panel to the right of your screen, you select the “Object Data” tab, then click on the little “+” there next to the Vertex Group panel

After that, you rename the default name “Group” into something more easy for you, by example pinnedcap and then you click on the Assign button, to assign the selected vertices to the “pinnedcap” vertex group

Now in object mode, be sure your cape is selected, then click on the Physic tab, click on the “Cloth” button

See the “Pinning”, enable it by clicking on the case near that word, then under it in the drop down menu, select “pinnedcap”

Now in the 3D view, select the other object that will interact with the cape (in the tutorial it’s the character, in my example it’s a sphere) , in the Physics tabe click on the “Collision” button , so the cape will not go through it when you’ll animate it.

After that, the Bake animation button should be available there (click on the cape in the 3D view) , in the cloth cache tab :

But it does not work the same as in 2.49b, and as i’m not used to 2.61 way of managing physics functions, i’m not sure how to get it to work correctly.
Fortunately, with your keyboard arrow keys (right and left keys), you can move manually from frame to frame, triggering then the physics animation of the cape :

And then when you’re satisfied by the cape position, you can then go and apply the cloth modifier that has been automatically added to the cape when you enabled the cloth physics for it.

Oh wow! Thank you so much you are amazing!! :slight_smile: