How to make a ceckpoint

how can you make a checkpoint with or without scripting?

this is realy hard fince i recomend learning to script you could use constriants but it would be difficult.

use this one i added comments so its easier to understand.

#open the game engine. bge stand for blender game engine
import bge
#get the owner of the controller
own = bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner
#find the object "Checkpoint" in the scene. "your  Name"
check = bge.logic.getCurrentScene().objects["Checkpoint"]
#set the owners position = to the checks position
own.position = check.position

i checked it it works. all you need to do is connect your player to this script and add a empty named " Checkpoint " case sensitive. if you need more that one checkpoint thats where it gets complicated, just post and ill walk you through it.

It’s not too bad. It depends on what you want the checkpoint to acheive.
If the checkpoint is for progression in the game plot, using a near sensor on an empty can be used to trigger an event through messages if the player is near.
If the checkpoint is used to save the game at that point, you could use a similar method, but use a save / load script, of which there are many on the forum.

ok i will try put only one question who is the owner of the controller is it the character?

it works if i set the logic brick
always connected to the script but it starts on the checkpoint every time even without touching it

you add a sensor that when activated it will move to the checkpoint. like a colision sensor.

i think that the problem is me because the script works perfectly and to the character i added a logic brick like this:
collision property Checkpoint -connected to -the script but it doesn’t work.
maby it’s because when my character falls down from the platform i added a plane that restarts the scene every time the character dies.

it dosent atomaticly reset to that point, what it does is every time the script is run it sets the players position to the checkpoints position. so the plane that restarts the scene, make the colision sensor conect to the script, then whenever the player touches the plane it will be moved to the checkpoint object.

what your looking for is a little more complicated. it would have to use a property ill make a .blend

Checkpoints.blend (485 KB)

thank you ,now it works fine