How to make a character bend down/crouch using Rigify?

Hey all, I’ve rigged a character using Rigify, and it’s working great, but there’s one thing I want to do that I’m not really sure how.
You see, when I try moving the hips in this way:[ATTACH=CONFIG]174682[/ATTACH]
it doesn’t do it like this:[ATTACH=CONFIG]174683[/ATTACH] I want to make the legs bend down like this.
How could I do it in Rigify like in the second picture? Thanks!
I know the rig is different in the second pic, but I saw in a video you could move the Rigify rig in this way.

First of all, check if you selected correct bone, second one, switch legs to ik mode. Right now, they are in fk mode, as i can judge from the pictures…

OK, so you mean select the round controller for the upper leg? And then press ‘N’ and turn the FK slider to IK?

Oh I get it! I turned the FK slider to IK for both the shin bones and then selected the torso bone and it works! I was selecting the hips bone and that was rotating the legs, but it’s the torso bone I must use. Thank you!! :smiley:

I am glad, that i could help you. I would advise you to read about forward kinematics(fk) and inverse kinematics(ik). How they work and what are the advantages of using both of them…