How To Make A Character Take Off A Mask?

Hello does anyone have a youtube tutorial on how to make a character take off a mask? I want to make a character take a human mask one that looks like its a real character but its a mask. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it?


The short answer is: you model the character, model the mask, rig the character, parent the mask to the head bone of the armature using a Child of Constraint, and then when you take it off, turn off that Constraint and have the mask follow the hand instead.

Your point about “real character” implies that you want a realistic face for the mask. For that, I would make your model and texture it. Select the part of the face that’s a mask. Duplicate it, detach it, and then re-texture it as wanted.

Sorry I was not clear; the part I need help with is animating the character taking the mask off?

Parent the mask to the hand bone with a Child Of constraint. Hand moves, mask follows. You can then animate the fingers how you want them to look like it’s being held.

Can you do a youtube video tut on this please?

yeah sure :slight_smile: I’ll work on that and get back to you over DM

Rockstar! Your gonna take my animation to a next level.