How to make a Crystal Ball

I’m trying to make a Crystal Ball for the Light Wizzard, so far, I have a Transparent Sphere, with a Circle with a Face inside that has its texture set to a Movie or Image, what I’ll need to do is a Mist, but I want other effects, maybe some Compositing to get them, but I’m not that good, and need help, and I can not find a Tutorial on this, can anyone help.


I’m not an expert - and haven’t done specifically what you’re seeking. But I think I know enough to say that you’re probably going to have to pick up on a handful of techniques to achieve this, and it will probably take a couple of hours (depending).

There might not be a Tutorial for creating crystal balls, specifically, but each of the little techniques themselves all probably have multiple tutorials.

For the smaller sphere that has the “Image/Movie as Texture” applied, my guess would be that you could likely achieve the misty sort of look that you’re trying to achieve with the various Texture and Material settings. At the bottom of the Texture panel, you’ve probably already seen that you can make the texture itself semi-transparent and give it some reflectivity. For a blur effect, it might be mandatory to use Nodes. I’m new to them, myself. But there are many Tutorials on Vimeo and YouTube. If you type in, “Blender Nodes Materials”, I’m sure that at least a dozen helpful tutorials will be offered. (For myself, this is precisely how I learn: by giving myself tasks - like yours with the crystal ball - and then learning as I’m creating it.)

After you’re comfortable with the Nodes, you can probably just apply a Gaussian Blur filter to the outer sphere, and that will be sufficient to acheive the “mist” aspect of things. But if that blur is not quite good enough, then I’m sure that the Particles will be a good Plan B (though more complex).

Good advise, and although I have been using Blender since Alpha, I’m still not that good at it, maybe my Brain Damage during the War has something to do with it, but it does not stop me from trying, and try I do, I found some good tutorials on Lightning, and it uses nodes and layers, as well as materials and textures to achieve the effect and I think I did a good job on it, but you can judge for yourself if you want Video.

You gave me a good idea about the Blur, I used nodes like it to make my Lightning, and it will do great, so far, the biggest problem I have is the video projection, which I find it hard to research this, like all searches, the key words are always my hardest obstacle, I search for TV, I find tutorials on how to make a TV, with little or no emphases on the actual projection of an image or movie.

There are many techniques required, how to do each of them is my task at hand, and all the help I can get make it that much easier.


I thought that was a pretty cool sample video - I’d definitely have trouble making that. Actually, I don’t even know what Light Wizzard is, so you’re probably well ahead of me in lots of respects.

Its Open Source, if you are interested in the site, just register, send me a PM, or use contact form and I’ll grant you access to all the Blender stuff, all the resources, including blend files will made available, and if you don’t see the links or they are not working, just let me know and I’ll fix it, this goes for anyone, I do it this way, because I get a lot of spammers, so I have to, but once its goes Live, I will make links available to the public, just not during production thats just the way I setup the site.

I have a 42 year series laid out, with the largest building plans this world has ever seen, and it will take a lot of Blender Heads to make it; but its Open Source, meaning people have to volunteer to help out, a part of Open that people forget about, all they want is the Source.

The First of the Series is going to be released 1 May, the book is available to all registered users with access; not trying to plug the site by the way; only saying this because that is what this Crystal Ball is for, and I can really use the Help.

Also, The Light Wizzard is in You, and once you know that, you are a Wizard, and a Wizzard is just a way to ask for Help, ask a question and the Wizzard will answer it for you, in this case, this Wizard is asking the other Wizards, how do I do this? But it will come to me, it always does.

Now I have a good start on it, or so I think, how can I add a mist effect, do I add it inside the Crystal Ball?

I feel a little Rockey… Getting Closer.

Attachments’m not an expert - and haven’t done specifically what you’re seeking.