how to make a curve into a guide?

I know i have done this before, but it was with a cvs build, and you made a curve into a guide in the modifier stack, but I am just not getting it with the official release, and I have looked at the docs, and searched and everything. so:

  1. what buttons am i supposed to be in?
  2. where are the settings for falloff?
  3. do I define the relationship of the curve to the emittor somewhere?
  4. how do i define the path as a guide?

arg this is driving me crazy. any help is appreciated.

ok, I’m starting to get this, but now I have a new problem: I can only get the hair to recognize one curve as a guide. what do I have to do to use multiple guides?

In F7, Physics buttons you use Fields to define an existing Curve as a Curve Guide. Do it for each curve and you can set their values individually. You could Vertex Parent the curve to the Emitter mesh or Parent it to the Head Bone.


it seems i was setting the max distance wrong, but now I’m giving suzanne brave new hair stylings.