How to make a dialogue system for "Quests"?

Hi people , I’m working in a Online Game project and I need to make a Dialogue System with NPC’s , and another question is how to make a Quest dialogue system and a Buy/Sell system with an NPC

Here is an image of the idea:

1- Quest System

2- Buy/Sell System

Waiting for your comments

Thanks , I need this the more faster possible.

I’m gonna tell it to you like this:

It would be recommended to learn Python, if you haven’t already.

To do the dialog, you would basically make a premade window visible when the Player should be talking to someone. Then, change the text (using Python) to be whatever you want - it would change on a per-person basis. The Buy / Sell dialog is basically the same thing, just with some buttons.

EDIT: It might be possible without Python, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Okay , so , the idea is frist make the “dialog interface” and after this I can hide/show the interface when I talk to the npc with a Python script, right? And for the buy/sell system it’s te same method but changing with buttons and when you click on a button your credit valor toggles a negative position , example… you have a valor of 10 credits and a upgrade cost 10credits , it’s only change 10 per -10 , right?

Thanks , you are helping me too much :smiley:

Pretty much, yeah, you’ve got it.

HAHAHAHAH amazing pictures lol

Look into BGUI they have labels, frames, text blocks, framed buttons, text input, and progress bars. I havent used text blocks yet but heres an exampe of labels and frames