How to make a dice logic in UPBGE 0.3?

Hi guys!

I’m trying to restore a dice created in the Blender Game Engine so it can work in UPBGE 0.3.

The last time I saved this file was in Blender 2.79b.

I tried to purge the elements but there is some problems with the inherited textures. The path to the textures and their dependencies looks to be broken (probably due this file being made on Blender 2.49b or even older BGE versions. However the dice still works in Blender 2.79b.

Maybe it’s possible to simplify and use text instead of textures?

Any help is appreciated.

The link to the .blend file “Dice279bCPACK.blend” (Last save in Blender 2.79b):

Thank you very much for your time,



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Hi! :grinning:

Here is a temporary solution using just text instead of texture:

DiceTextUPBGE030A.blend Link:

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Do you want physical dices? one you can throw?

Here you go:


Haha, this thread reminds me about my 1st UPBGE_0.3 project I tried for a friend.

@Cotaks Code could make a better counting system than my “radar”-sensors which are not truely reliable.

wurfel.blend (1.3 MB)