How to make a dir?

I once made a map using the seconds bar when saving(so not the upper). My upper bar is “full” so I can’t add any text to it to make a new map.
I once did it with the second bar.
But I forgot how.
Can someone help?

LMB on the two dots at the top of bottom pane where the file names are listed. This will move up in the directory “hierarchy” (tree). Keep clicking on those two dots unti you move “up” high enough that the “path” (the top bar) shortens enough for you to type something on the end.


You can just type a path directly into the top line, when you click on it it will turn red, and when you start typing it will overwrite what was there.

If you type the name of an existing directory or combination, Blender will change to that diretory. If you add something that doesn’t exist, you’ll be prompted if you want to create it.


I want to use the second bar cause the top bar is full!
I once had succes on doing that. But now I don’t know anymore how to do it!
How to use the second bar to make a new dir?

Read my previus post again, I explained exactly how it works. If you have further questions, ask, I’ll try to explain further if it still isn’t clear.

The “second bar” doesn’t accept directory names paths.